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AuthorThis website has been designed and written by myself, Randall Hardy. I was born in 1951. I am married, with six grown-up children and an increasing number of grandchildren. I was born in Manchester, the illegitimate child of an adulterous relationship. My mother put me up for adoption, and by the age of six weeks I was given a home by a couple from Morley in Yorkshire. They selected me from a small orphanage somewhere in London. Around the age of 21, without realising it was my birthplace, I moved “back” to Manchester and lived there until 2007. I now live in North Shropshire.

My Christian journey got off to a stuttering start. I was introduced to Christianity by my adoptive parents who were enthusiastic members of a small group of churches. It was in that church that I requested to be baptised as a believer at the age of 11. There was a lack of reality though, both for myself and amongst other members of that church – a disconnect between the teaching of the New Testament which we strongly argued in favour of and our own lives. In my mid-teens I remember appealing to God to give me a sign that He was real, which He did, but I remained in the spiritual starting blocks. Then as a late teen I concluded that either God was wrong or I was wrong, and decided to give Him the benefit of the doubt. At that time I committed myself to reading the whole of the Bible and taking seriously what it taught. This moved me off the starting line and things began to change. Over the next few years, through a series of circumstances I will not detail here, The LORD taught me more about Himself, broadening my spiritual horizons as He did so. When He led me back to living in Manchester it also resulted in me moving from the church of my upbringing into better known, but more varied, evangelical circles. Early on in this season of change I received the the Holy Spirit, though it was only in retrospect that I understood that this is what happened. It was some time after that before I was willing to humble myself and be willing to receive the gift of languages (commonly called tongues). In subsequent years I have come to believe that the charismatic movement of the last four decades has failed to teach the importance of being led by the Holy Spirit, due to always being overly preoccupied with spiritual gifts.

In the 1970’s I worked for several years as a detached youth worker in Manchester city centre for a Christian charity. Following that, my ministry developed into being a Bible teacher, mainly in home-based fellowships. In the late 80’s a series of events motivated me to learn more about the issues involved in Biblical creation. I was particularly concerned about the numbers of evangelical (i.e. “Bible-believing”) Christians who were accepting evolution. As the many themes discussed on this website demonstrate, this is a very broad topic involving both Biblical and scientific issues. Eventually, this interest led to me running the UK office of Creation Research from 1999 to 2013. My website, contains several articles on Biblical creation as well as wider Bible teaching in both written and audio formats.

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